Premiere of TRES CHIC: The Beauty Borg

Saturday, May 25 6:30pm, part of the 24th annual LES Festival of the Arts at Theater for the New City in NYC (free!)

This excerpt of Tres Chic: The Beauty Borg is a post-butoh dance performance (part of a longer durational work) that examines (and questions) the forms and norms of (often oppressive/self-repressive) ritualized feminine beauty worldwide. Spanning a thousand years of beauty practices, I transform from ordinary woman into multi-culti cyborgian goddess and then back again, and again, and again. The result? Think "Real Housewives" meets “Real Doll” meets "Metropolis.” 

This piece was inspired at the turn of the 21st century after reading “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century by American professor Donna Haraway along with an introduction into cyberfeminism. I have been fascinated with the technological representation of women and the technological interventions by women in the name of beauty ever since.




EYEWORKS 2019 is a series of dance theatre video self portraits of the eyes. My aim is to explore the psychological and emotional power of the gaze as well to illuminate the eyes as an instrument of movement all to themselves. This first piece, "An Unfamiliar Madness," explores the psychological impact of isolation.



Now appearing in print!

I am truly honored to have my article, On and Through the Butoh Body included in the newly published Routledge Companion to Butoh Performance, edited by Bruce Baird and Rosemary Candelario. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to share my experience and insights with a global audience. 

routledge copnaion to butoh performance.jpeg

"Originating in Japan in the 1960s, butoh was a major innovation in twentieth century dance and performance, and it continues to shape-shift around the world…The interdisciplinarity evident in the volume reflects the depth and the breadth of butoh, and the editors bring specially commissioned essays by leading scholars and dancers together with translations of important early texts."