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Performance Poetry

There is great power in speaking your own words when those words are screaming to be lifted off the page. It is the magic of poetry designed for performance. I was fortunate to have the opportunities to do so from London Cafés and into the heart of New York’s Alphabet City.


Moving Boundaries Moving Bodies

Psi 7 - Mainz, Germany, Dance Under Construction & GSA roundtable - UC davis

“Foucault’s flower/ Enlightenment’s power / the scent to smell the deception / hysteria’s dimension / beyond the cave / from the grave of corsets and more – Freud me Stanislavski and Graham me the cracker. / Psychological theatre’s rue – not to move this body – Martha Graham told us the body never lies…”


Theatre of Operations: Response to the Bombings in Kosovo

Raj Café, London

“Go Bombers / When what is not declared war / Is all that is fatal / To the backboys of / Gang Bangs / A jolly good time / With the borrowed merchandise / On stolen property / Landed gentry / But sentry’s drum / Beats endlessly on…”



Psi 6 - Conference, Tempe, AZ

Words bounce off my body / Across the stage / turn the page / To hit your heart, head and shoulder / Even bolder, to goose-pimpled flesh / The mesh of muscles and loin-looped arousal / Backed up by bones clinking in action / Each an imaged reaction / Behind a tear, a laugh or somber reflection / The injection is real…


Cave of Knowing: Goddess Ode

New Age Cabaret and wow Café Theatre, NYC

“To drip divine delicious / She is calling / Through black beards / Angel’s Toes / The newborn knows / Mama, mama, Mamasita / The sea-saw / Blood and bones / Milk me / the baby grows...”

Universal Longings: Dance and Poetry with Musician Jade Barbee

Arcadia Artmaker Tarot, CBGB Gallery 313, NYC

“…Reaching out to grasp earth-bound foundlings / Rounding out a journey well-worn / Close your eyes and move your soul / Upward beyond redemption / Capturing stars like fireflies in a jar…”


Selected Stand-Alones

Ain’t It Grand Kid

What If?



Prologue: S & M (Salome & Medea)

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Poetry Collections

Madness Unique to Those Who Call Themselves Atheists: the ramblings of a lost EXISTENTIALIST: 1993-1996

Ones that Stick, Declarations, Solicitous Madness of Being Alone, On Love and Longing, Naked Under the Stars, Elliptical Anatomy of Self, Gilded Gauges & Silver-Toned Lament, Ritual Instances of Color.