Performance Sketches

Below are pictures scanned from my long-standing artistic journal where I mark and flush out performance and art ideas. I get great satisfaction seeing my artistic visions actualized on stage or on display. In some cases, I’ve sketched pieces post performance to further keep an active visual catalogue of my work.

Jacque LeCoq.jpg
Jacques color press shot.jpg
Water Cure.jpg
EvArts 58.jpg
La Chanteuse.jpg
La Chanteuse BK 9 Adamenko.jpg
Madame May.jpg



Ladypants Gymnasium.jpg
Socialite Tampon Party Dress.jpg
La Visage Maquiage .jpg
Butoh Familia.jpg
Butoh Rope Performance.jpg
Postcards From America.jpg
Evo Ms Fab sketch .jpg
Underexposed EB.jpg
Blood & Oil.jpg
Maximum Security 3.jpg
The Rise of Artzilla.jpg
Subway Narcotic.jpg